Microsoft Dynamics for DotNet Developers

With the somewhat recent announcement that Dynamics is going to be the CRM of choice at the GOC. We are announcing  a presentation on Mycrosoft Dynamics for .Net Developers. When we discussed doing a series to start up a study group the masses wanted B.A, FUnctinal and testing focused areas, however being that our user group is more technical in nature we will be concentrating on the .Net side of things with a lot of examples coming from either ASP.Net API or other elements.

Here is the event:

Microsoft Dynamics Certification Study Group Planning

Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017, 12:00 PM

Microsoft Canada Co. (Ottawa)
100 Queen Street, Suite 500 Ottawa, ON

26 IT Community Members Went

Planning and orchestration of a new study group for a series of MS Dynamics certification exams.We are pleased to announce that we will work as a group to create a new Study Group for Microsoft Dynamics exams.Previously we have had success with MCAD and MCSD study groups and we wish to continue with this new series.Planning:• Which exams• Exam…

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